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Our farming techniques are unique and we follow effective natural farming strategy to ensure the quality and natural production of our crops. Farms are prepared by using bio fertilisers of great quality.

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Better hormonal balance

By limiting your exposure to herbicides and pesticides, you can better maintain a proper hormonal balance, which is essential to regulating how your body absorbs and burns body fat. Such chemicals are considered endocrine-disrupting substances, meaning they cause drastic changes in hormone development (particularly increases in estrogen). This not only makes you more prone to gaining body fat, but it also makes you more susceptible to developing some forms of cancer.

Lower glycemic load

There are plenty of natural treats and desserts that don’t have this advantage, but sticking with an healthy diet made up of meats, fruits, and vegetables has a far lower glycemic load than the processed alternatives. A lower glycemic index leads to greater insulin sensitivity and further contributes to a more balanced hormonal profile.When your hormones are balanced, it becomes significantly easier to lose excess body fat.

Higher levels of key nutrients

Natural foods have higher levels of the key nutrients your body needs to produce energy, such as zinc, magnesium, and omega-3 fats. These nutrients direct your body to burn body fat; processed meats and produce that are extremely lacking in these nutrients make it more difficult to maintain your body’s ideal weight.