Almonds are tasty and healthy snacks that are capable of increasing one’s intellectual ability. Almonds are a healthy treat and possess several health benefits. It is one of the most beloved nuts that are consumed in various ways.

Almond oil, almond butter, almond milk, and almond flour are different forms of almond. It is crushed and sprinkled over desserts to make it tastier. Almonds are power-packed with high calories but in spite of that, it helps people to reduce weight.

The scientific name of Almond is ‘Prunus dulcis’ and is a fruit of the deciduous tree. Almonds are rich in calories and are covered with a brown hard shell. Brown’s hard shell is removed first to make it ready to eat. Sweet and bitter almonds are the two types of almonds.

A bitter form of almond contains prussic acid which is a toxic substance. The prussic acid in its refined form is cyanide which is a deadly poison. Bitter almonds are processed to remove this toxic substance before it can be used. Bitter almonds find its use mainly in cooking while sweet almond has several uses. Sweet almonds find its use in desserts, puddings, and garnishes, etc. Even you can add almonds and milk to get amazing health benefits.